Gardening: A family Affair!

Gardening is fun…so are chickens.  Meet my son Grayson and his favorite hen  “Floofy”.  Most days you’ll find Grayson deep into a new project.  Sometimes it’s a homeschooling project, but most of the time he’s in his garden.  His latest project is researching and planning a huge butterfly, bee and hummingbird garden.  We have removed the sod and will be planting on Wednesday. 

Grayson completed a six-week beekeeping course through the Lee County Agricultural Extension office  .  Now he  is a backyard beekeeper and is a member of the Southwest Florida Bee Association.  We have 2 boxes of bees.  We can’t wait to harvest our honey! Did I mention he is only eight?

Come grow with us!

4 Responses to “Gardening: A family Affair!”

  1. Heidi Raygor Says:

    We just bought a house in South Port Charlotte. My daughter has raised a pet chicken from a chick. Our neighbor across the street called the zoning office and we were told we had 10 days to get rid of the chicken. If we appeal the complaint its going to cost over $800 just to argue the case. Just so sad, we use the eggs to supplement our food budget. Taking food out of kids mouths for what real reason. The chicken is kept in our yard in a coop and hens really don’t make too much noise. Our dog’s bark is louder then the hen bulk-bulk. Our toddler is still crying over this. People are just so cruel.

    • I’m so sorry… your story is absolutely heartbreaking.

      Your toddler could keep the hen if you lived in New York City or Chicago. But, nooo, not in Port Charlotte.

      Your neighbor sounds scary.

  2. Do your kids use the trampoline still?

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