A Berry Berry Good Lunch

Fresh from the garden today

This was lunch today.  We took the picture and then devoured them on the spot. Grayson said he feels sorry for people who can’t grow these. Made me laugh. They are so darn good. They have a really sweet wild berry flavor.  


We planted a hundred little “Sweet Charlie” strawberry plants on November 6, 2009.  We ordered the tiny plants from Willis Orchard Company. We’ve had several huge strawberry harvests over the last couple of months.  The berries just keep on coming and the plants are lovely.

I was skeptical about planting strawberries because I have always been told that growing strawberries in Southwest Florida is difficult.   There was nothing hard about it.  I planted them in the ground and they grew…and grew.  The bees have been all over them. 

 Come grow with us!

3 Responses to “A Berry Berry Good Lunch”

  1. i bought ten plants from walmart, i live in port charlotte, i cant get then to grow, they make little baby straawberries and then they turn brown, very small, what am i doing wrong…joddo58@gmail.com

    • Wal-Mart is not the best place to buy plants because they don’t sell plants for growing in our area. For example, they might sell a plant that grows great in Georgia but rarely survives in SW Florida. Then again, sometimes they will sell a plant that will grow anywhere. I know their plants can be hard to resist sometimes.

      There’s only a few varieties of strawberry plants that grow well in Florida. “Sweet Charlie” is one of the most common grown here.

      My strawberry plants always suffer terribly in the summer and absolutely thrive in the winter. I ‘over-summer’ (instead of over-winter) them to help them survive. I dig them up and plant them (usually in a big pot) in a protected, part-shade area and put them where I won’t forget about them. One day without water could kill them. In the fall, they come back big and healthy with huge strawberries. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s not. It’s worth it.

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