Inspiration from Miami


This isn’t our yard.  It’s a private island in Miami Beach called Fisher Island. The history and amenities on this island are incredible.  The grass tennis courts and golf course are stunning, not to mention their incredible beaches.  However, what we notice are the plants.  The gardens take my breath away.  I always find inspiration and great ideas to take home for our own garden.  


I want to plant a hedge of bamboo in my yard.  I’ve been researching the different types and have decided to use a clumping type such as “slender weaver bamboo“.  It is non-invasive and will never take over.  I can expect a mature hedge within a couple  years. Young bamboo shoots are one of my favorite ingredients in Thai cuisine, although I doubt I’ll ever be harvesting it from my own yard.  We’ll use the bamboo cuttings to make stakes and supports for our vegetable garden.  This beautiful hedge of bamboo on Fisher Island is planted in a natural wave pattern with foxtail fern to tie  it together.  This is a clever and more natural alternative to just planting the bamboo in a straight line.   



I found a lovely kumquat tree peeking over the balcony of this condo.  The adjacent condo has a small butterfly garden on their patio.   

Pink and white Impatiens planted around the base of a palm tree

Bougainvillea growing in a pot

Creeping fig vine around "The Beach House" sign

Centerpiece at the entrance to the Vanderbilt mansion

Vanderbilt Mansion Courtyard

The ultimate symbol of a lush, tropical garden

The ultimate symbol eating the lush, tropical garden

Miami skyline

I prefer a more edible landscape in my yard, but I love all gardens.  It is hard work maintaining a garden, but it is soulful and rewarding work.  Our garden is a work in progress.  It changes every day and will never be finished because that isn’t our goal.  Our goal is to enjoy the journey while we create, learn, and slow down a little.    

Come grow with us!

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