A Storybook Garden: Part I

Chateau GiGi

Gigi’s house is in the middle of Florida, but looks like it’s in the middle of Europe.  The house is French Normandy architecture and was built in 1928. (Her small city was incorporated in 1925).   The house is registered with the National Register of Historic Places .  The National Preservation Act of 1966 is a national program to identify, preserve and protect America’s historic and archeological resources.

Guest house with 150' Kapok tree behind. Photo captured a magic moment of light.

GiGi's Kapok Tree. Can you see her at the base?

Patio at the base of the Kapok tree

The Kapok tree has secret "rooms" created by the root growth.

The children's playground "before" picture.

The children's playground now. It's not an "after" picture because it isn't finished.

Stairs to playground made out of a cut-up trunk from an invasive Banyan/Strangler Fig tree that was removed from the yard.

A Side View

 She has a fence to provide privacy and keep out the alligators (dinosaurs). The fence is not quite finished in these photos.

A horse swing made from a tire. GiGi uses a scarf as a seat belt.

Footprints in the concrete made using a slice of a trunk from the Banyan tree to make the impressions in the concrete.

Jewels in the footprints

Over the bridge, through the ferns to the pineapple patch.

A side table in one of her outdoor living rooms. You guessed it, more of the Banyan tree.

GiGi’s yard has something new every time we visit.  She has so many clever and unique ideas everywhere.  Both of my kids cry every time we leave.  Her gardens make us feel so close to nature and provide a constant reminder of how important it is to stay connected with the outdoors.  We especially love the Great Horned Owls that call her yard home and watch every move we make.  I think they might like us too.

Come grow with us!

2 Responses to “A Storybook Garden: Part I”

  1. Gigi’s historic home is beautiful and her backyard is truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing this with us. I always enjoy reading your blogs! 🙂

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