Lotus…An Exotic Treasure: Part I

We purchased a small cutting of a beautiful lotus for our water garden last year.  I hadn’t even thought of growing them until I visited Tadege in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  He has the most gorgeous lotus plants growing all over his backyard oasis.  I assumed they would be too tropical for Southwest Florida and I assumed I needed a huge pond to grow them in.  I was soooo wrong.  

A lotus flower growing in our small pond.


I now have several pots of lotus growing in our small, backyard pond.  Since we had such a cold winter last year, I took them out of the pond over the winter and put them in a few pots of water to keep them wet.  The lotus were dormant and the pots looked like there was nothing in them but soil and  rocks. (I cover the tops of the pots with rocks to keep the soil from floating  to the surface of the pond).  I didn’t pay them much attention to them over the winter.  They even dried out a couple of times.   

When the weather warmed up this year, the lotus came back to life. I was so happy to see them as I absolutely adore these plants!  I found a great website called Winter Care Lotus with lots of  information about how to over-winter lotus.  

This is about three weeks of growth of the lotus in our pond.


 I put the pots with the emerging lotus back into our pond. They are surprising us with flower after flower.  

A lotus bloom.


A lotus bud that is just about to open.


The flower is opening...


It's open!


This flower is several days old. The leaves will soon fall off and a seed pod will remain on the stem.


 The lotus grows well in pots used for water gardens.  It stands to reason that the bigger, the better for the pot size that is used.  I think that a 3o gallon pot is sufficient.   TaDeGe says a 15 gallon pot is sufficient.  I have  lotus growing in several of my pots that I use as water gardens.  The lotus that is growing in our small pond is being decimated by our three ducks.  I have to come up with a solution to this problem.   

A lotus leaf.


One of our water gardens. This one has lotus and several varieties of lilies growing in it.


The tall bud sticking out is a lotus bud that will flower soon. The lotus bud starts out small and gets bigger and bigger until it pops open.


I bought my original lotus from TaDeGe in Ft. Lauderdale, but he sells it as a “pick up only”.  I found a website, aboutthelotus.com, that has a list of places all over the U.S. to buy lotus.  You can grow lotus from seed but it is better to start it from a cutting.   

Did you know that lotus is edible?  It’s a staple of the Asian diet.  Grayson and I couldn’t wait to try some lotus root.  My next post is going to tell you all about our experience eating lotus.  

Come grow with us!

10 Responses to “Lotus…An Exotic Treasure: Part I”

  1. Don’t forget to eat the seeds. They are the best; a family favorite!! Love your site. Check the Cuisine section of our site under Resources. Would you mind if we post a link to you there?

  2. The young (green) seeds are sweet like a cross between sweet corn and sweet peas. The mahogany tipped (mature) seeds taste exactly like a chestnut. They need to be peeled before eating. The young leaves inside can be a bit bitter and you can remove them if you prefer but we eat them whole. I hope you get to try them.

  3. woowow. i love your potted lotus.. mine die last winter, now i started new one..from online order, have not seen any flower buds yet…only coin leaves and a few leaves started to grow out from the water in the 22.5inch pot…wisky barrel….and i also started some seeds from Michaels craft store…it grows coin leaves. i have been reading up on it…the seedlings will take more then 1year to flowers. i have to take them in the house this winter….i hope they dont die again….! 😦

  4. hi there, where did your order the pot you have for your lotus ? it seem more shallow ? Is that the kind of pan lotus should grow in? i planted them in a 22.5 black wisky barrel…, not looking as pretty as this picture here….

    thanks for the website u have here…..

  5. woowow, white beautiful lotus flower…i hope mine give me flower this year. but it doesnt seem to be. i just order them online this summer….hope next year, they do, if they dont die again in the winter….i am in washington DC. i do not have pond. i grow them in pots. i will need to take them all in this winter…i learn it the hard way from last winter….Yikes..!

  6. Wow- so many cool varieties of edibles I am learning about. I am also interested in the large shallow pot you have. Did you get it locally? Also, how do you control Mosquitos in still water? Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  7. How much water do you have above the plant? Thanks.

  8. Enzio OEhley Says:

    Thank you! I appreciate the links that were included. I’m desperately searching for small “bowl” Lotus seeds. The seeds are easy to grow if they have been scarified. I’m in South Africa and Lotus plants are virtually nowhere to be found! Please advise if anyone knows where I can purchase seeds that can be sent internationally. Thanks

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