Butterfly Release: Part II

Two more butterflies emerged from their chrysalides this morning inside our container.  We were able to watch it happen from start to finish.  First, the butterfly cracked open its cocoon and poked its head out.  Then, it flipped its body out.  The wings were still all folded up, crumpled and wet.  It gently rocked back and forth, probably to help dry its wings.  We watched as it slowly unfolded.  Amazing!  We will never get tired of watching this cycle of life. 

My absolute favorite butterfly book is the Family Butterfly Book by Rick MikulaI have used this book many, many times over the years.  It has some great container ideas that are super easy to do.

Our cycle of life container.

Chyrsalides and butterfly on the inside of the lid.

Monarch butterfly chrysalis on the lid.

Empty chrysalides on lid.

Empty chrysalides on the stick that was inside the container.

Time to free them.

I wonder which princess will show up to do tomorrow's butterfly release?

Come grow with us!

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