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We Love Jesus

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This is one of those posts about a person so inspirational that I have to tell everybody.  His name is Jesus Salgueiro (it’s pronounced hay-soos) and he’s from Venezuela. He’s beat 3 major cancers 3 times,  including lung cancer and an inoperable brain cancer.  Hope Hospice was expecting him, but his partner and a friend decided against it.  How did he beat such deadly cancers 3 times?

First, he attributes his survival to leaving the first set of doctors that were treating him.  A second opinion can save your life.  His second opinion, Dr. Razier, saved his.

Secondly, he had more paintings to paint.  Jesus is an artist.  He usually paints hearts and angels, but he does whatever his heart and mind tell him to do.  He sees hearts in everything from a hole in a t-shirt to tree branches. He keeps track by taking pictures of them and has hundreds. I wonder if he follows the hearts or if they follow him because I don’t see ’em.  He has also seen an angel.  She visited him in his hospital room and told him he wasn’t going to die from his brain tumor because he still has things to do.  His tumor reduced in size immediately afterward. Was it truly an angel or an overly hopeful imagination on cancer drugs? It doesn’t matter… he survived with minimal further treatment. He doesn’t care if anybody believes him because it’s his own incredible story.  It’s not my story to publish on the world-wide web, so I left out the details, but I think of this story all the time and feel joy.  I want to hear this story again and again.  People need stories like these.  I’ll ask him to forgive me later.

Jesus and friend.

One of Jesus' art studios. He's slowly turning every room of his house into more studio. Artists do that.

More studio.

Some of his work hanging in his living room.

His partner, Chef Art Smith, lost 120 pounds. Jesus turned his old trousers into a piece of art.

 My friend and I were having dinner at Chef Art Smith’s new restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was telling her all about Jesus and bragging about his hearts.  She points and says, “you mean… like those?” I turn around and look at the wall behind me and sure enough, it’s Jesus’ hearts.

Jesus' art hanging in the new restaurant, Southern Art in Atlanta, GA.

 Jesus’ depth of color and texture is mesmerizing.  Everybody loves his work.  My favorite pieces are his manhole covers.  He’s travelled the world and sketched manholes in hundreds of cities.  He’s got some exciting stories about these adventures.  I wish he’d make a book with all these sketches because they’re absolutely gorgeous and there’s so many.  I asked him if he’s worried about somebody copying him.  Even if they did, they would never be as good as Jesus’ originals.

Jesus telling the stories behind his manhole covers. Don't even think about touching a manhole cover in China!

Jesus has a great story on how he obtained this Chinese manhole cover.

I lost track on which city this cover is from... he has over 500.


Beverly Hills.

Stacks and stacks of the most amazing works of art.

The colors are out of this world.

Check out the online gallery of some of his work on his website at  Make sure your sound is turned on.  Oh, and keep your eyes peeled because his art is starting to pop up everywhere!  A little birdie told me that Lady Gaga just purchased a piece.

We love you, Jesus.

Come grow with us!