Umbuzi Goat Dairy

Umbuzi is the name of the only licensed goat dairy in Florida.  It seems hard to believe, but it’s true.  Florida has lots of dairy goats.  Why is there only one commercial dairy? The huge investment in money, time and expertise may have something to do with it.  However, the folks at Umbuzi have put their hearts and souls into this operation.  It’s probably easier to move a mountain than to open a dairy from what I’ve heard.  Umbuzi has done it though and they’re hoping to start selling their products to the public by February 2012.

Umbuzi Dairy has a herd of over 70 Nubian goats.

Umbuzi Dairy will offer hard and soft cheeses, plus pasteurized milk.  They’ve just added yogurt to the list too because it’s the best yogurt ever.

They don’t have a finished website yet, but they’re working on it.  They can be found at

The goats at Umbuzi live in paradise. Isn't this pasture beautiful? The pink thing is for back scratching.

They created an incredibly clever way to milk lots of goats at the same time, then send them down the line and back out to pasture. It moves.

This is some of their equipment.

A commercial dairy requires perfection with temperatures, ph, and bacteria detection.

Umbuzi's friendly Nubian goats.

Pasture land at Umbuzi Goat Dairy in Southwest Florida.

Umbuzi is located in a rural area outside Ft.Myers, Florida.  They’re a family operated business with healthy animals and a beautiful dream.  Isn’t this the kind of food we all want?  Support for local business is a very good thing, no matter where you live.

Delicious goat cheese at Umbuzi Dairy. I just had to sneak a peek.

Come grow with us!

4 Responses to “Umbuzi Goat Dairy”

  1. Very cool Lisa! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lehigh Acres Says:

    Do you have contact information for the Umbuzi goat dairy? Phone, address, email?

    • Jim Ellis’ email is and their phone number is (239) 284-2357. They’re adding more & more information to their website and just updated their contact information. Give them a call if you’re interested in cheese or milk, they’re the nicest people in the world! Their website says they’ll even have some goats for sale soon.

  3. Mildred Spidle Says:

    Our Red Hat Ladies visited the Umbuzi Goat Dairy yesterday and were very pleased with the tour Jim Ellis gave us. We were able to pet the goats, see the entire operation from milking the goats to the making of cheese. We were especially surprised at the spotless facility and the friendliness of the goats. Although this is in our back yard, we were unaware of its presence. The ladies thank the Ellis family for this tour and wish them well in this venture.

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