Loring’s Lei

Loring has been asking me to make a necklace out of flowers with her for quite some time.  I always promise, but don’t follow through.  Yesterday I dropped what I was doing and said, “Let’s make that lei”.

We collected a bowl full of our edible jasmine flowers.  They have a perfect little hole in them when they’re picked.  I threaded a needle for Loring and let her do the rest.  She had no trouble sewing the flowers into a necklace all by herself.

Check out the Crafting Chicks blog for an adorable lei project that can be done with straws and paper with kids.

The jasminum sambac flowers are perfect for stringing a homemade lei. This is the ‘Maid of Orleans’ variety of jasmine.

Loring is sewing her lei and singing gleefully.  Although, she was really concentrating when I took the photo.

Loring and her homemade Lei.

Sometimes we really do need to stop and smell the flowers!

Come grow with us!

6 Responses to “Loring’s Lei”

  1. Beautiful! and it must have smelled really good too. You are a good Mom for taking the time out. Many people get caught up in the day and those young years slip by quickly.

  2. Felicity Says:

    How beautiful and doesn’t Loring looking so pretty! Good idea to do with the young ones. Love Fee xxx


  4. this flower is what we call sampaguita in the philippines and it is actually sold as a lei for use in state events, as a gift to foreign visitors and for religious devotees who offer flowers to their favorite saints. sometimes, the leis are often combined with ylang-ylang flowers as pendant for a really fragrant offering/gift!

  5. I learn so much reading your blog! Do you know if all the jasmine flower cultivars edible, and if jasmine is salt tolerant?

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