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Polish Chickens

Posted in Chickens with tags , , , on September 15, 2010 by PickMeYard

Why did the two polish chickens cross the road?  Well, if they’re our girls… hopefully, they’re going to get their hair done.  Seriously, they can’t see very well and need a trim. 

One of our floofy-headed Polish hens.

We have two Polish hens and they’re almost identical.  But, we know how to tell them apart.  One hen has a slightly different “do”.  My husband says one looks like Phyllis Diller and the other looks like Tina Turner. 

This is the other floofy-headed twin. Can you see the difference?

These two chickens are our all-time favorite birds!  They follow us around talking to us, begging to be picked up.  They live to be cuddled and make cooing noises when you play with their feathered hair.  They are lap birds that could sit in our laps for hours.  Is this normal?  I don’t know. 

They lay beautiful white eggs.  The other chickens tend to push them around a little, so they’re low in the pecking order.  They look like they would be the boss ladies, but the opposite is true.  I’ve read that this is usually the case with the Polish breeds, though our girls hold their own.  

Our Polish twins.

Whenever the chickens hear a door to our house open, they come running!  I had to stop painting my toenails red because they seem to believe they are cherry tomatoes.  I would scream, “stop pecking my toes!”  I suppose I could try another color… or wear shoes, but it is sorta’ the city gal vs. the country gal thing. 

Come grow with us!