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A Berry Berry Good Lunch

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Fresh from the garden today

This was lunch today.  We took the picture and then devoured them on the spot. Grayson said he feels sorry for people who can’t grow these. Made me laugh. They are so darn good. They have a really sweet wild berry flavor.  


We planted a hundred little “Sweet Charlie” strawberry plants on November 6, 2009.  We ordered the tiny plants from Willis Orchard Company. We’ve had several huge strawberry harvests over the last couple of months.  The berries just keep on coming and the plants are lovely.

I was skeptical about planting strawberries because I have always been told that growing strawberries in Southwest Florida is difficult.   There was nothing hard about it.  I planted them in the ground and they grew…and grew.  The bees have been all over them. 

 Come grow with us!

Gardening: A Family Affair, Part II

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This is my daughter Loring and her favorite chicken “Sweetpea”. It is definitely mutual.  Loring is her person.  She always lets Loring pick her up and wants to be snuggled.  Funny how they are both the smallest and both rule their coops. 

Loring is an avid gardener too.   Three years old and she can identify each plant in our yard and knows whether or not it can be eaten.  She knows to always ask mommy first to make sure it is safe to eat. She holds it up to me and says, “is it okay mommy?”

Come grow with us!

Gardening: A family Affair!

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Gardening is fun…so are chickens.  Meet my son Grayson and his favorite hen  “Floofy”.  Most days you’ll find Grayson deep into a new project.  Sometimes it’s a homeschooling project, but most of the time he’s in his garden.  His latest project is researching and planning a huge butterfly, bee and hummingbird garden.  We have removed the sod and will be planting on Wednesday. 

Grayson completed a six-week beekeeping course through the Lee County Agricultural Extension office  .  Now he  is a backyard beekeeper and is a member of the Southwest Florida Bee Association.  We have 2 boxes of bees.  We can’t wait to harvest our honey! Did I mention he is only eight?

Come grow with us!