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Age Should Be Respected, but Youth Will Be Served

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Jamie Oliver

Do you remember what your school lunch tasted like?  It seems like such a long time ago, but I still remember the crap we were served.  I don’t know what the hamburger was made from, however, I know it wasn’t real beef. Jamie Oliver  is a celebrity chef that has a new show on ABC on Fridays where he is addressing the very serious issue of unhealthy food served in schools.

I am so psyched about this show.  I love what he is trying to do and the way he’s doing it.  He is inside the school lunch program in the town of Huntington, West Virginia. His mission is to convince the town to let him change the way the schools are feeding their children.  The change is from extremely processed, popular food to healthy food.  Many in the town are very against him being there and don’t want to change a thing.   

The local radio personality hates him and wants him to fail.  Jamie handles it all so well.  Everything he says makes really good sense.  I was hooked by the first episode. I am praying that he is able to get this town to listen to him.  If Huntington will listen then maybe other towns in America will start listening.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful  if instead of McDonald’s as a fast food choice we’ll have McJamie’s? Or McOliver’s?  At least I would rest assured that the food is real.


In the second episode, Jamie took several vegetables into the elementary school and asked the kids to raise their hands if they knew what vegetable he was holding up.  The kids didn’t have a clue what any of the vegetables were.  They did not recognize an eggplant, cauliflower, tomatoes, or even… a potato. They smelled the tomatoes and still didn’t know.  Subsequently, on her own,  the teacher spent some time teaching the children about vegetables. The next time Jamie quizzed them they were proudly shouting out the answers. 

He also learned that the children did not know how to use a knife.  (Why would they need to use a knife and fork if all they eat are chicken nuggets and pizza?)  Jamie, the principal and some teachers walked around the lunch room and taught the enthusiastic children how to use their cutlery.  

In the third episode, Jamie hosted a huge dinner for eighty movers and shakers in Huntington.  The meal was fabulous. They all enjoyed eating food cooked by a famous chef.  After they ate, they were informed that their meal, with Jamie’s guidance, was actually prepared by a group of local high school students.  The show is full of emotion and is very touching.

Why do we have to endure and without question accept the nasty food in our children’s schools?  I know they have a budget, but puh-leeze.  Our government wastes so much money on ridiculous things, why are our children sacrificed?  I doubt anybody would contest the importance of feeding our children a healthy school lunch, but… it isn’t happening.   

Our children’s health and lives are at stake. The youth are the future of this planet.  The food they eat determines their focus and concentration for the day…month…year.  The food they eat can also cause a child to have an untimely death due to diseases such as obesity, high-blood pressure, diabetes and many others.  I believe our children need to be thoroughly educated about food and it’s source. has been top AOL news twice.  The author is a teacher that is eating the school lunch every day and blogging about it anonymously.  The teacher has voiced concern about being outed and fired for doing so.  It’s a great project and I am thankful for the author’s courage.  

Jamie Oliver’s show, Food Revolution, is a powerful show.  I hope his mission is successful.  Please tune in and support his efforts to save our children.

Jamie has a lot of cookbooks published.  I only have one but I absolutely  love it.  It’s called Jamie at Home.  It’s loaded with gorgeous pictures and scrumptious recipes of his garden and what his family eats at home. 


Fortunately I am able to home school my son (we have just completed the first year at home.)  When he attended our public school, every day I cringed when I thought of the lunch he was eating.  I tried the lunch from home routine. This did not work as he wanted to eat like his peers.  This gave me no control over what he ate.  Now that he is home schooled, we are loving every bite of the garden food that we eat every day.  This year we are hoping to add a honey harvest to our bounty. 

Come grow with us!