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Our Beloved Gulf of Mexico

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I don’t feel like picking anything out of our yard today.  I’m edgy and feel compelled to write a post about our current events.

I took this picture on Sanibel Island in early May. I never imagined the oil would still be flowing in early July.

Our beloved Gulf of Mexico.

A sand dollar on Ft. Myers Beach. Nooo... we don't keep them. They're alive with a furry exoskeleton. They stain your fingers yellow.

They are so amazing.

A star fish. They tickle.

The Gulf of Mexico and life as we know it is going to change, obviously.   It feels like there’s a storm coming, but it’s not a hurricane.  It feels like a monster is coming.  I’m nervous but I’m trying to keep the facts straight.  Normally, when a hurricane is coming we run around like chickens with our heads cut off.   We prepare everything and batten down the hatches.  This storm is different and the only preparation I can do is gather every tid-bit of information I can find and sort through the truth and fiction… and wait.

The truth:  Corexit 9500(A) and 9527(A) are oil spill dispersants that were applied to the Gulf of Mexico until supplies ran out.  They include VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that have long-term health consequences that are very serious, including cancer.  Benzene is included along with hundreds of other chemicals.  For the Material Safety Date Sheet of Corexit 9500, click here.  For the MSDS on 9527, click here

I’ve spent hours reading websites pertaining to the BP oil spill.  YouTube sucked me in… I required help to get away.  The government website made me think that it isn’t so bad after all.  People must be fear mongering.  Then I snapped out of it.  OMG, I almost believed them.  In my opinion, one of the best links I’ve found for information based on fact is  a paper written by an M.D.  He’s a Professor of Internal Medicine and Director for the Environmental Cancer Program at Wayne State University.  He was also the Medical Coordinator of the Kibumbe Refugee Camp during the 1994 Civil War in Rwanda.  Click for his website.

If you haven’t already gone crazy looking for information on this spill, you probably will soon.  I found a great blog called the ‘Ladies Guide to the Apocalypse‘ that has tons of  links.  Her blog is a great read but… is not for kids due to the language. 

How far-reaching will the effects be?

Are we breathing benzene right now and don't know it?

Will the government be truthful with us and tell us if we need to evacuate?

Is the low probability that a methane bubble could burst and send a massive tsunami over Florida becoming a higher probability with each passing day?

Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. -Cree Prophecy-

What a mess mankind has made of our environment. Pure, undeniable greed.  I hope it’s possible to learn something from it this time.  I hope it’s not too late.  The poison that has been let loose in our back yard is mind-blowing.

Ask the right questions and demand the truth.  Who’s looking out for our best interest?  This is our life, our children’s lives and the life of our planet. 

Come grow with us!