Baby Quail

We walked into our home the other day and immediately heard chirping noises.  We followed the sound to our new incubator that was loaded with quail eggs.  Baby quail were hatching out of their eggs all at the same time.  What a sight that was!

That’s a hatching baby quail.

We should have taken all the little quail eggs (41 total) out of the egg turner and placed the eggs on the wire mesh inside the incubator a couple of days before they were expected to hatch.  I didn’t.  Everything turned out okay though because we were able to take the babies and the automatic egg turner out.  We put the rest of the un-hatched eggs on the wire mesh.  It would be sad and irresponsible if one of the babies got caught in the automatic egg turner after hatching.

Our “Little Giant” incubator from Tractor Supply.

Coturnix quail eggs are supposed to hatch in 17-18 days.  Ours hatched in exactly 20 days.  We kept adding eggs into the incubator so they’re 3 days apart.  We expect more to hatch today and tomorrow.  We already see a couple of the little eggs rocking back and forth in the incubator.  I put a colored dot on top of each egg with a sharpie to tell us which date the eggs went in.

Quail eggs in the incubator with the automatic egg turner taken out.

After the first set of quail hatched, we let them dry in the incubator for about 30 minutes.  Then we put them all into a bin lined with paper towels and a 100-watt bulb over them.  I put a thermometer in the bin to keep their temperature at 99 degrees.  Each week I’ll lower their temperature. I’ll change their bedding from the paper towels to something less slippery in a few days too.  I haven’t figured out what I’ll switch to yet.  For some more information on raising baby quail check out

Baby quail in their bin. I don’t recommend the shell as a watering container. I took it out right away. They could easily drown in it.

Our quail  aren’t good parents.  I’ve read it’s from the captivity.  So, after having our 12 quail for over a year, we decided we should get an incubator and hatch them ourselves.  We purchased the incubator and the automatic egg turner  (goes inside the incubator), from Tractor Supply.  It came with a good instruction manual. 

Our experiment turned out to be a success.  The babies are so incredibly cute.  The best part is that we were able to watch them hatch out of their eggs.  We were all yelling, “oh my God” and “get the camera!”.  It made the incubator worth every penny.

They love being in our hand this way. It must make them feel safe. How cute is that?

Come grow with us!

13 Responses to “Baby Quail”

  1. So cool! They are beautiful, amazing creatures! Just think, you grew them! XO

  2. Michelle Says:

    Adorable! Burlap makes a great non-slippery surface when they are young. For my baby chicks, I put down pine shavings and covered them with burlap. Worked great.

  3. Hi I have a couple questions for u
    Ok so I a hova bator and I love it and a month we purchased a egg turn it was built from hova and we that and a month later we got some cortunix quail eggs about 2 dozen and how do u know if the egg turner is working and do u spray the eggs when ever u see them or u often spray them with water and I was reading a couple of interesting paragraphs on google and it said don’t spray the eggs at all and I don’t know what to do? And that’s where I hope u come in and answer my questions

  4. Sorry that I couldn’t correct it, because my iPhone wouldn’t allow me and i am so very sorry if u can’t read it and sorry if it doesn’t make sense sorry!

    • I’m actually replying to your comment with my iPhone, so I understand. It’s the price we pay for the ease of communication. Anyway… about your incubator. I don’t know much about the kind your using, but I do know that the egg turner is VERY slow. You won’t see it working. Also, the eggs need humidity, but usually you add a little water to a special area inside the incubator. Did it come with instructions? I don’t know about misting the eggs, I would have to research that.

      The quail eggs have to be at the perfect temperature and it shouldn’t be allowed to fluctuate.

  5. Upon arriving home and hearing chirping noises only to be greeted by 12 baby quail hatchlings at the same time, I would have died from an overload of cuteness!

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  9. Hello, just one thing to think about, you should lay you eggs on the wire floor to incubate. They will get trapped under the turner and get squished. By the turning. 🙂

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